Confederación de Federaciones de la Reforma Agraria Salvadoreña

National Organization El Salvador
7a Avenida Norte, San Salvador, Departamento de San Salvador, República de El Salvador
Foundation and nature of the organization
16 Mar 1988
Organizational membership
Individual farmer membership
Governance and structure
Strategic Plan
Sectors of intervention and activities
  • 1. Capacity-building and institutional support to members
  • 2. Policy engagement, lobbying and advocacy
  • 4. Communication and knowledge management
  • 5. Other: Dinámicas productivas
Chickens, Cocoa beans, cocoa, Coffee, green coffee, Dry beans, Honey, Lemons and/or limes, Maize, Sugar cane, Watermelons and/or cantaloupes melons
Main sources of information, publications and knowledge products

Other informations
3 Feb 2021
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